Miss Priss Gwendolyn Polaris

Gwendolyn comes to us all the way from Polaris Cattery in Bulgaria. She is called Maldive Blue because of the absolutely stunning color of her eyes. We are so thankful to Vanya of Polaris for entrusting us with this beautiful baby girl. 

Sire: Gr. Eur. Ch. Viva Vogue Ultramarine

Dam: Melanie Polaris


Miss Priss Daisy Feliland

Daisy is a golden shaded point british shorthair. She has beautiful blue eyes and a lovely white coat. She is very vocal and follows me everywhere I go. She is a lap cat and very loving to everyone in our home.

Sire: Maybach Gold Oksland of Feliland

Dam: CH Lorettabrittish Chantel of Feliland

Daisy 5 yr ped_edited.jpg

Miss Priss Sushi British Dynasty

Sushi is a black golden shaded ticked tabby with large golden eyes and sweet chubby cheeks. She has a very thick velvety coat. Sushi"s father is a Supreme Grand Champion! Sushi is a loving lap cat with endless affection for everyone in our family including our doggies.

Sire: RW SGC Berlizof*RU'S Niggel of Cheshire

Dam: Hibla of Cheshirelady

Sushi 5 yr ped_edited.jpg

Miss Priss Yuki British Dynasty

Yuki is our gorgeous silver shaded girl. Her coat is absolutely amazing and her tail is super fluffy and short. She has large round aqua eyes. She has the most unique meow and purr I've ever heard. She is super sweet loving and very quiet. 

Sire: Brit Vivid Nikita

Dam: Cheshirelady Quixy