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I looked through hundred of photos for breeders not only across the United
States, but also internationally. Beyond glad we decided to move forward
with Becca at Miss Priss Brits. Our Marbled British short hair Bella is not
only beautiful, but was fully litter trained and highly socialized from the
day we adopted her.  She's been the light of our lives. Working in research
with a type A personality, I also went through the trouble of getting
genetic & disease testing done and both came back with zero red flags;
Breed- in line with what we were told. Health- pristine- no issues of any
kind, not only for the majors (FMV/etc), but even predisposition markers.
Our first vet visit and the blood tests they ran showed the same things. Our
kitten was healthy and it was clear she had been taken care of. Becca breeds
incredible British short hairs, and the extensive guidance and support she
provides on adoption and as our Bella has grown has been extraordinary; so
grateful for everything she's done for us. The investment was worth every
penny and glad we have a munchkin from the Miss Priss Brits family.

        Ruba Sarris Sawaya
Chief Executive Officer



Up until now I'd only ever had rescue cats and so far I've been really amazed by the difference in temperament of a cat that's been raised by hand by a professional. My previous cat was such a sweetheart and I never thought another cat could fill her shoes, but Lily has been really wonderful. So much so, I decided Lily needed a “sister” so she wasn’t lonely when I was away for work.  So a second kitten, Kitt, joined our family.  Not only are my girls beautiful, they are the sweetest, cuddliest cats l've ever met.  Both of my girls have their own unique, beautiful personalities.  I’ve told Rebecca more than once I know the sweetness comes from being handled by both of her daughters.  My two girls are made of pure sugar…. They are just so sweet.  I enjoy them so much.  They love to run and play (very entertaining) but are still docile when they receive one-on-one attention.  It's clear that they have been held a lot as a small kittens and are very comfortable with human interaction.  The kitten socialization techniques Rebecca and her family have definitely seem to be working extremely well. I've just been really impressed and in awe with my two babies.  They have truly been life changing in the best ways.



Working with Rebecca & Miss Priss Brits was an incredible experience. It makes a world of difference the love & attention these kittens receive from Suzanne & her family. Being born in a home with loving dogs, cats, kittens, & children gave our kitten a trusting, loving, and curious spirit. Anyone who meets her (even those who are "not cat people") cannot deny that she is special! She is social & loves each member of the family including our 10 year old yellow lab Charlie who she dotes on - Charlie is happy receiving the kisses & attention. I highly recommend Miss Priss Brits. This is an honest, loving family who has a passion for what they do which is made evident in each kittens loving spirit.



My husband and I have had our little guy Prince Edmund GQ for about six months now, and we couldn’t be happier with him! He’s brought so much joy and laughter to our whole family with his adventurous personality and his handsome charm. Everyone loves his fluffy coat and the adorable sounds he makes.
Rebecca went above and beyond with the whole process of my husband and family surprising me with him on my birthday. My dream came true! I had been wanting a British Shorthair for years; my husband messaged Rebecca through the website and found out that she happened to have kittens available. A bonus was that Miss Priss Brits wasn’t too far away from where we live! Rebecca and her husband went even further by how they helped with the surprise. I would highly recommend her with how much love and care she provides as a breeder.


Boba joined our family five months ago. He is super healthy, outgoing, and sweet. Every person that visited our home just loved him so much! This sweetheart has brought endless joy and happiness to us!!! I am glad that Rebecca gave me the opportuniety to have him. On another note, Rebecca has been great to work with! She provided great care to these babies. I also appreciate that she responded to all of our questions in a timely manner and shared pictures and videos of our baby every week, Very positive experience!


Our family couldn't be happier with our choice to get a kitten from Miss Priss Brits. We looked at several breeders websites, many of them much more expensive. After seeing the sweet pictures on Rebecca's site I decided to give her a call. She answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. She helped with making the reservation for our baby. Upon arrival, our new baby was scared of nothing! Not even our 2 dogs. She immediately walked out of the crate and began exploring her new home. I couldn't believe it! Rebecca and I still keep in touch to this day. I would highly recommend adopting a kitten from her.


Rebecca and Miss Priss Brits are like no other. The way they raise their kittens around family and with so much love produces cats that are so loving so sweet and so much fun! We will absolutely never get a cat anywhere else. We got our baby Kiwi, for my daughter and then went back for her sister because we loved her so much, The cats have added so much love and fun to our family and we can't thank Rebecca enough. She even met us half way (a 3 hour drive for her!) just so we wouldn't have to make the long trip both times to get our sweet babies. Trust me, you will never go anywhere else once you get one of Rebecca's babies.


Our journey to find a British Shorthair fur baby started back in August after our 10 yr. old Simon suddenly passed away, leaving his brother Oliver and our family lost.  I looked everywhere online but wasn't satisfied with what I was seeing, other places were the definition of a business not at all what I considered worthy of getting a new family member from.  When I found Rebecca I knew from the first message that she would be the person that I would trust to get our fur baby from.  From the first day of bringing Mila home we knew that she was something very special because of the way she was loved from birth by Rebecca and her family.  We now have added Mila's baby sister Sophie to our family and couldn't be happier.  I've told Rebecca she is responsible for giving families the most precious gift of love and happiness, I will forever be grateful.


Rebecca is very professional and takes great care of all of her cats.  Her kitties are absolutely adorable and they are so well socialized. I can hold my kitten like a baby and he is the sweetheart of all my family members, strongly recommend!!


We had great experience with Rebecca/ Miss Priss Brits. Before Ninja came to us, Rebecca was happy to share Ninja’s pictures and videos with us and answer all the questions we have. She genuinely cares about those kittens and loves what she is doing. When Ninja came to us, she was a healthy, fluffy ball and she adapted quickly to new environment. Ninja now is the most popular member of our family, she has brought endless joy to us this year and we’re looking forward to many more! Highly recommend!



Hi Becca. We took Rosie to the vet Tuesday and she got a good health report.  All the staff 'ooh'd and ah'd' over her.   We are confident she will be well cared for there.

We are really enjoying Rosie.  She seems to have attached to us...following us all over the house throughout the day and sleeping with us through most of the night.  

She is an absolute joy, bringing us lots of smiles and laughter with her kitten antics as well as lots of snuggles and lap time when she is worn out from playing.  We love her very much and are so grateful to have her in our family. 

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