Rebecca and Miss Priss Brits are like no other. The way they raise their kittens around family and with so much love produces cats that are so loving so sweet and so much fun! We will absolutely never get a cat anywhere else. We got our baby Kiwi, for my daughter and then went back for her sister because we loved her so much, The cats have added so much love and fun to our family and we can't thank Rebecca enough. She even met us half way (a 3 hour drive for her!) just so we wouldn't have to make the long trip both times to get our sweet babies. Trust me, you will never go anywhere else once you get one of Rebecca's babies.


Boba joined our family five months ago. He is super healthy, outgoing, and sweet. Every person that visited our home just loved him so much! This sweetheart has brought endless joy and happiness to us!!! I am glad that Rebecca gave me the opportuniety to have him. On another note, Rebecca has been great to work with! She provided great care to these babies. I also appreciate that she responded to all of our questions in a timely manner and shared pictures and videos of our baby every week, Very positive experience!


Our family couldn't be happier with our choice to get a kitten from Miss Priss Brits. We looked at several breeders websites, many of them much more expensive. After seeing the sweet pictures on Rebecca's site I decided to give her a call. She answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. She helped with making the reservation for our baby. Upon arrival, our new baby was scared of nothing! Not even our 2 dogs. She immediately walked out of the crate and began exploring her new home. I couldn't believe it! Rebecca and I still keep in touch to this day. I would highly recommend adopting a kitten from her.